"...instilled the boys with a basic sense of self discipline and helped
to underline the importance of mutual respect.

- Headmistress

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Respect for Children:

The Japanese word "rei" is often translated as "respect" but includes a sense of self esteem.


Gichin Fanakoshi, the father of Karate Do famously stated:


"... transfer that feeling of esteem -that is, respect- to others , their action is nothing less than an expression of rei ... All martial arts begin and end with rei."

respect kidsRei is also the instruction to bow used in the training hall. We maintain this practice of "greeting" our partner before and after working with him/her because it encourages mindful practice.

True respect cannot be developed soley by rules of etiquette but rather is developed through empathetic practice with the desire to learn and help others learn.




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