b" Dear Edwin Edelstein

I found your last name by looking you up on the internet! I love martial arts. The truth is its my favourite sport.


I wish you would teach me some more pressure points. There is one behind the ear.


Please have the best Christmas ever.


With respect


Nicholas MC "




7 years old


b" That was the best hour of my life."


6 years old




b" I loved having you as a teacher.

I will miss you.

Augustine "




7 years old



b "...Throughout the years he spent with us, Edwin instilled the boys with a basic sense of self- discipline and helped to underline the importance of mutual respect. Always quietly spoken, Edwin was much liked and very popular. Many parents came to watch his demonstration lessons and were very fulsome in their praise of him.


On occasions such as prize giving Edwin was happy to supervise groups of boys and act as a team member, being requested to do a whole range of tasks by the deputy headmistress. Again, he was well liked and was known to be reliable, responsible and effective by all the teachers.


Edwin's timekeeping was meticulous as was his attention to detail and his consideration of the boys in his care. Always firm and fair, Edwin was a huge asset to Hawkesdown House and is sadly missed.


I recommend him to you unreservedly. "





b"Edwin is a truly gifted teacher who instructs with patience and calm. Within the disciplined structure of his class, Edwin allows the children to express all of their natural energy and delight in movement. His classes are a lovely balance between form and tradition on the one hand and exhilaration and fun on the other. They are a pleasure to watch as a parent.


Edwin has been teaching my son Piers for nearly five years now. In that time, Piers has made enormous progress in his strength and coordination. This is especially meaningful as my son was dyspraxic and initially struggled at his specialist school. As he grew stronger and more confident in both body and mind, Piers' academic abilities followed suit, and he is now doing extremely well at a mainstream school.


Piers has had some wonderful teachers and therapists along the way, but Edwin, as well as having been with him the longest, is also one of the most significant; Piers regularly expresses to me just how important Edwin's instruction and praise are to him. My son is deeply devoted to both his progress in the martial arts and to Edwin. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

-Alexandra Delp



b"Both my children started judo at five. An hour a week with Edwin provides exercise, balance, meditation, control and physical expression within the form of his martial arts.


When I asked my 9 year old what he had learned at judo he said:
"I've learned how to fall and how not to cry".


Both boys love it. Edwin is an inspirational pillar of stability, especially when you watch children dangling off his neck."

-Cosima Spender


b"My son Cameron loves his training sessions. Each session is a time when he can focus his energy in a calm controlled way which leaves him feeling uplifted and accomplished and yet serene.


The training has done wonders for his co-ordination and physical strength and control.


Interestingly, it has also fostered a deep interest in Oriental philosophy and he now reads extensively in this field. I know that Cameron has internalised a lot of Edwin’s teachings and he will draw on this wisdom for the rest of his life."

-Dr Jessica Cross


b "My son, who has mild dyspraxia, has been attending Martial Art Education classes for nearly a year now. I have been impressed with the marked improvement in his coordination, his spatial awareness and his physical confidence over this period. And, most importantly of all, he absolutely loves the lessons! "

-Dr Wendy Wyver


b "Thanks Edwin for all your hard work, patience and enthusiasm. My son has really enjoyed the Judo sessions and is SO proud of his yellow badge! Thanks again for introducing him to the world of martial arts ..."



b "My son thoroughly enjoys his lessons at Martial Art, gaining poise, strength, confidence, and the growing ability - if only for a moment - to pause for a meditative moment at the end of each class! He is always enthusiastic before each class, and leaves its refreshed and exercised."



b " Edwin has been teaching my son, Nathaniel, martial arts for more than 2 years. I see that Nathaniel has learnt a great deal in this time. Not only has he become more physically accomplished (particularly his coordination and strength) but also, he obviously has a clear understanding of the anatomical and fighting principles behind his movements. I believe that Edwin has also helped to develop Nathaniel's discipline, determination, confidence and articulation, and I know that a great deal of fun is had in the process.


What Nathaniel most appreciates about Edwin's teaching is his patience with and understanding of Nathaniel present level of capability. He therefore feels he is able to work at his own pace, and compete against his own standards. Nathaniel also values the generosity and clarity with which Edwin shares his knowledge of martial arts practise, as well as his willingness to follow his pupil's enthusiasms in particular training areas. "




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