"...instilled the boys with a basic sense of self discipline and helped
to underline the importance of mutual respect.

- Headmistress
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schools taught atMartial Arts and Education:

We partner with the highest quality schools and deliver bespoke programmes designed to support your core values.


Our programmes are in accord with the:

National Curriculum Physical Education (Gymnastics Component)


Services for schools

b   Classes for all students that run as part of the school day

b   After or before school clubs

b   Individual seminars for students or teachers



FAQ's for schools

Costs, availability, numbers, risks, documentation, equipment needed etc ...

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Our system satisfies and contributes to:


b   National Curriculum Physical Education (NCPE)

b    Every Child Matters Read more

b   Montessori method Read more

b    Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE)

b   Healthy Schools programme      

b   Pangrazi's elements of a QPEP Read more

b   Foundation Stage Life Orientation Learning Area (South Africa) Read more