"...Interestingly, it has also fostered a deep interest in Oriental philosophy and
he now reads extensively in this field."

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Academic performance for Children:

kids communication"Similarity [metaphor] brings fluency to information, that is the ease with which it can be processed and understood"

MAE consciously uses the body as a metaphor for a range of scientific, strategic and ethical understandings. Because somatic experience is so powerful, what is understood by the body- "embodied", affects every aspect of a practitioner's life.

For example, if a student learns the idea of leverage in a text book, the understanding will be only intellectual and not easily applied to different areas of life. However, if leverage is understood through the physical application of a lock and practiced repeatedly the idea becomes incorporated; its understanding true and range of application limitless.

Further, once a student's passion for learning is ignited it naturally spreads to other fields.

Martial art concepts such as distancing, flanking, leverage, structure etc, begin to have personal significance and older students enjoy hearing how these concepts were extended and employed in ancient battles such as Cannae, Thermopylae & Pharsalus and they often investigate other application of these concepts on their own initiative.




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