"... his patience with and understanding of Nathaniel present level of capability... feels he is able to work at his own pace, and compete against his own standards. ... "
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Private Martial Arts Training

Private training is a traditional way of supplementing group classes or as a stand alone option where group classes are not appropriate, for example:

b children are under 4 years old
bthere are no classes in your area
bclass time tables do not fit your schedule


Private training is extraordinarily effective, for example, a student just turned three is now able to ski down red slopes and lift and support his entire body weight.


Other students have found it to be an effective way to increase confidence particularly in response to bullying and intimidation at school.


Many students have found group classes so enjoyable that they wish to train to a deeper level and private training is able to accommodate this.


Because of the holistic nature of our training and the broad range of techniques and exercises we draw on we are able to cater for a range of unusual classes. For example many fathers enjoy training privately with their sons. Father and sons training


Private training has led to remarkably improved behaviour, fitness, strength and coordination; confidence building and improved academic performance.


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References from Private Students


b"My son Cameron loves his training sessions. Each session is a time when he can focus his energy in a calm controlled way which leaves him feeling uplifted and accomplished and yet serene.


The training has done wonders for his co-ordination and physical strength and control.


Interestingly, it has also fostered a deep interest in Oriental philosophy and he now reads extensively in this field. I know that Cameron has internalised a lot of Edwin’s teachings and he will draw on this wisdom for the rest of his life."

-Dr Jessica Cross


b " Edwin has been teaching my son, Nathaniel, martial arts for more than 2 years. I see that Nathaniel has learnt a great deal in this time. Not only has he become more physically accomplished (particularly his coordination and strength) but also, he obviously has a clear understanding of the anatomical and fighting principles behind his movements. I believe that Edwin has also helped to develop Nathaniel's discipline, determination, confidence and articulation, and I know that a great deal of fun is had in the process.


What Nathaniel most appreciates about Edwin's teaching is his patience with and understanding of Nathaniel present level of capability. He therefore feels he is able to work at his own pace, and compete against his own standards. Nathaniel also values the generosity and clarity with which Edwin shares his knowledge of martial arts practise, as well as his willingness to follow his pupil's enthusiasms in particular training areas. "




















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